A Laravel Valet Driver for Silex, the lightweight Symphony framework

I’ve recently been working on an API integration for an API we haven’t built yet. To make building the integration earlier I mocked up some data and used Silex, the lightweight version of the PHP framework to build a simple mock API. Below is the Laravel Valet driver I’m using to serve the project on … Continued

On-boarding new employees well

On-boarding is the process of bringing someone new in to your team and is one of the key points in that persons career with your company. I’ve now been on both sides of the table at several companies and have developed some pretty strong feelings about having a clean, clear and most importantly quick on-boarding … Continued

ssh-copy-id for Mac

A majority of my time spent managing servers is done on my macbook pro. Unfortunately it doesn’t have the ssh-copy-id program for automatically copying your SSH key to a server allowing password-less access. To solve this issue I wrote a mini function for my .zshrc which does the same thing. It’ll probably work on bash … Continued

Avocado, Bacon and Chicken Salad – Recipe

I’ve been making this avocado, chicken & bacon salad a lot recently. It’s quick to make (15 to 20 minutes), filling and lasts for four or five days in the fridge making it ideal to make for lunches at work at the beginning of the week. Ingredients 1 x Avocado 2 x Chicken Breasts 4 … Continued

Forwarding network traffic through another local server

I’m currently in the process of setting up a virtual network for running a series of web apps I’ve been working on. To do this I’ve setup a hypervisor with several machines and an internal network. These machines can all see and interact with each other fine but by design they cannot be accessed from … Continued

Creating an internal network with Virtualizor

There are several reason you might want to create an internal only network on your hypervisor. What this means is that you’ll have a network which can’t be reached using standard means such as a public IP address. In my case this was useful for spinning up Virtual machines that would act as dedicated database … Continued

Enabling security updates for a CentOS 6 server

I’m planning on virtualising one of my dedicated servers for quickly creating development environments for testing / publishing some of the applications & programs I’ve been working on recently. I’ve chosen to use Virtualizor as my hypervisor and after previous experience with Solus know I won’t be logging in to this server often, neither will … Continued

Using Percona Server with Laravels Valet

At the place I’ll soon be working they use Percona, a drop in replacement for MySQL. Amongst a tonne of other neat features it offers much better performance and ease of scalability. I’ve decided to use it for Flayva, an upcoming project that a friend and I are building using Laravel and Valet which is … Continued

Valet Driver for Anchor CMS

I’ve recently been fixing issues on the growing Anchor CMS and wanted to use Valet by Taylor Otwell at Laravel to create a quick development environment for the forked repository. Valet uses driver files to know how to interpret sites and already has ones for popular platforms like Laravel and WordPress. Below is a driver … Continued